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Motion in Air

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motion in air

This series of images freezes a moment of time in each dancer’s aerial maneuver, and turns their movements into static sculptures that represents their motion and style. Original shots were stock photography and stylized to fit within the scene, sculptures and sets created entirely CGi.


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Great VFX showreel from Factory Fifteen in London.

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The Workbed Concept

The-Workbed-Concept-640x426 The-Workbed-Concept2-640x426 The-Workbed-Concept4-640x426 The-Workbed-Concept5-640x426


With this transformable furniture, designer Mira Schröder answered the question of lack of space with elegance and flair. Proposing to transform a bed in office, this design optimizes the space available in the room. More images by Marlen Mueller for Freunde von Freunden.

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World’s most expensive Motorhome

Worlds-Most-Expensive-Motorhome1-640x316 Worlds-Most-Expensive-Motorhome3-640x424 Worlds-Most-Expensive-Motorhome6-640x329 Worlds-Most-Expensive-Motorhome9-640x326 Worlds-Most-Expensive-Motorhome10-640x431 Worlds-Most-Expensive-Motorhome14-640x383

Wow! This is very impressive, great design and innovative concept. Interior could use more to it, but nicer than a lot of houses.

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Daily Dose. GRID

For the French Fête des Lumières 2013, Tetro presented in Lyon at the Hôtel de Région Rhône-Alpes GRID, a monumental kinetic light installation, designed by Christopher Bauder Berliner, founder of Whitevoid. This light structure made ​​of 150 bars motorized suspended LEDs, offers a dynamic grid of 22m long, to see the video after the jump.


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Daily Dose. MASCISTA

As you guys may or may not know. I’m a motion designer / director by day.

2014 is a new year to start checking out reels from around the world of motion.

These guys caught my attention this week.

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