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Daily Dose. Rene’ Sterling

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One of my homeboys portfolio…his photography is one point.

He’s available for freelance..inquiry if interested.

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fun ad campaign created by a crazy group

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Daily Dose. Game of Thrones

The power of vfx showcased. Nuke, Maya, Rhino, Lightwave, Realflow..along with some plate footage.


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Indulge me..

I know people want some design post..this is why Motion Trgger was created. So I apologize in advance if this post throws off the usual format.

Recently a few path changing things have happened. A fools love for a girl, my good friends parent past away and my growth of miss guided ideals.

And the fool is me..

“Harsh Truth”

My occupation isn’t all glamorous

I do not own anything glamorous

When I love, it’s not to gain access to the person life style

or material possessions.

Love is the only emotion that brings wealth to my

life. I can see how my littered life with limited excess would question

my motives. But the harsh truth is that I care for you and the small moments we share.

A world away doesn’t feel as far..

and our economic gap just feels like a sunny afternoon walk crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Innocent and filled with youthful exuberance

I’m crushed because I understand my ability to make you smile.

While all of this may sound nuts seeing we’re a world apart

But thats the harsh truth.

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