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The Heist

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this is pretty funny. great looking filter on the camera

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Daily Dose. national geographic

Series of clever promo spots. Very well done.

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Thundercats Ho!

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one of my favorite cartoons as a child.


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Daily Dose. Double Exposure portraits

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Found these online created by Dan Mountford UK artist.

slick visuals using camera exposures and post production consisting of photo re-touching.


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Sonos PLayground Deconstructed

Motion meets installation.

Sonos Playground Deconstructed is a site-specific installation in the Nam June Paik / HBO Production Lab at the Museum of the Moving Image. It is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Spectacle: The Music Video. (April 3–June 16, 2013)

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Ments by Jordi Pages

Another piece by Jordi very inspiring work.


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