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Loft Apartment

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such a fan of wood and interiors.

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Daily Dose. FMK

I love the visuals but honestly not a fan of the sound design.

A lot of vfx shorts and motion graphics pieces use these type of audio.

It really just sounds terrible..Dub-Step isn’t for everything.

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Carnage symbiote – Sculpting breakdown

one of my first passions before I decided to shift gears.

3D modeling and sculpting..Respect the Process!

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The Spielberg Oner

This was a good breakdown of a technique I loved viewing as a film buff.

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Daily Dose. Tomin’13 Reel

Probably best individual reel I’ve seen this year so far.

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Daily Dose. Cadence

My post before featured “BanKs – Brain” video directed by Barnaby Roper.

This video was also directed by Mr. Roper who’s visual style is affecting most of today commercial video projects.

His company/representation features some great eye candy.


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Daily Dose. Banks Brain

Nice video I found while floating on the net.

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