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Daily Dose “DDD + OFFF Italy 2016 Main Titles”

some of the best motion artists come to create this mind melting creativity.  These titles are 3 yrs old and still feel fresh. The sign of great motion design.

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Daily Dose “Goodbye Uncanny Valley”

Written and animated by Alan Warburton with the support of Tom Pounder and Wieden + Kennedy. 
Music by Cool 3D World (http://cool3dworld.com/)
Special thanks to: Leanne Redfern, Nico Engelbrecht, Iain Tait, Indiana Matine, Katrina Sluis, David Surman, Jacob Gaboury and Daniel Rourke. 

The representation of CGI is displayed in varies ways. The growth of the industry is leading to a state of unknown potential.

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Daily Dose. Welcome to Firefox

“Welcome to Firefox” is the new creation of French studio Vallée Duhamel, founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, for the famous Web browser Mozilla Firefox. In collaboration with the agency Mono, they’ve imagined a video that shows a browser which is built brick by brick, by hand, page by page and in community to propose a pleasant experience.


making of:

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Daily Dose. TED “why we love repetition in music”

This is very insightful and beautiful to look at as far as  motion design goes.


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Daily Dose. Tomin’13 Reel

Probably best individual reel I’ve seen this year so far.

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Daily Dose. MASCISTA

As you guys may or may not know. I’m a motion designer / director by day.

2014 is a new year to start checking out reels from around the world of motion.

These guys caught my attention this week.

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Daily Dose. NONE U.S Motion Boutiques

Skye Digital – Capetown


Serial Cut – Madrid


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