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The Zeppelin

Art Deco is Back!

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Daily Dose. Sign Painters

“An invisible art” …thats a powerful statement from this documentary about the sign painters.


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Daily Dose. The Legographer

The-Legographer-10 The-Legographer-14 The-Legographer-20 The-Legographer-5


LEGO, these building blocks are the inspiration of photographer Andrew Whyte is a new way of integrating LEGO in the world in his series of 365 days, “The Legographer”.

Wish I would have came up with this one. haha

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Daily Dose. GRID

For the French Fête des Lumières 2013, Tetro presented in Lyon at the Hôtel de Région Rhône-Alpes GRID, a monumental kinetic light installation, designed by Christopher Bauder Berliner, founder of Whitevoid. This light structure made ​​of 150 bars motorized suspended LEDs, offers a dynamic grid of 22m long, to see the video after the jump.


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Daily Dose. Doodle

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I remember when I was a little kid, I loved cartoons and saw cartoonists as modern day gods. Great to see the craft hasn’t falling behind.


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