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Daily Dose. Visit Indonesia 2014

HAHA…These photoshopped images are done so well and creatively.

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Agan Harahap is the artists behind the genius.

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Daily Dose. Grounded

WOW..breath taking VFX. A little fuzzy on the story, but very entertaining.


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behind the scenes

Very dark and cool short film. The techniques used in this project are similar to James Cameron’s “Avatar”

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Daily Dose. COSMOS Main Title Seq.

I’m a big fan of this re-boot of the COSMOS show. I’ve research and look all over the net to find the makers of the great VFX sequences in the popular show.

A few companies are involved, but the main two Big Blocka LA and Six point Harness are mainly responsible for the VFX and animation that have caught my attention.

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Daily Dose. FTIC Amtersdam 2014

This is a beautiful piece. Titles are simple and effective bringing the imagery to life.


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Ink Rider by Alberto Seveso

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There seems to be an obsession with lego and photography last couple months.

Could be the marketing of the “Lego Movie” it self? Weather or not the creative liberties of artist is getting more comical with each effort.

Nice job Mr. Seveso!

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Adrian Amore Architects

butterfactory-2 butterfactory-3 butterfactory-4 butterfactory-9

The Butter Factory aka Loft Apartment West Melbourne.

Photo credit: Fraser Marsden

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