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Daily Dose. The Dream by Christian Haberkern

The idea behind this project is kinda cool. Most artists have visions or ideas while we sleep, but rarely do we react to our subconscious mind states and plan out our visions. This director took it upon him self to create his dream.

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Daily Dose. Inspiration

Finally a motion design piece that summaries a typical work day as a designer. Great job Rafa Galeano! Wish I thought of this one.


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Daily Dose. LO/REZ

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LO poly Pixel wear…buy yours now!


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Daily Dose. Making Of: Audi Mirrors

This is why I love VFX. These guys created a seem-less animation that looks so realistic, but it’s all 3D.


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Daily Dose. The Legographer

The-Legographer-10 The-Legographer-14 The-Legographer-20 The-Legographer-5


LEGO, these building blocks are the inspiration of photographer Andrew Whyte is a new way of integrating LEGO in the world in his series of 365 days, “The Legographer”.

Wish I would have came up with this one. haha

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