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Pencil Drawing Not Photography

Pencil-Drawins-by-Franco-Clun4-640x473 Pencil-Drawins-by-Franco-Clun5-640x421 Pencil-Drawins-by-Franco-Clun8-640x456  xavier_by_francoclun-d51d5gf

Amazing pencil sketches by Franco Clun

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Nickelodeon IDs

This is pretty sick. Had the privilege of working with Nickelodeon this winter, although this was outsource to Plenty tv.

Nice work!

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Azealia Banks Vid

strange yet interesting stuff going on this video, although song not my cup of tea.

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Nivea commerical


This is probably the first animation project I’m posting that I’m not a fan.


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Ludovic Taillandier

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Photos by Ludovic Taillandier

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When you need to share files on-the-go, simply tear off a tab from the GIGS.2.GO pack.

Really cool industrial design. Although the USB drive will be a thing of the past.

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