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PanCan Teaser

In design you have to respect the process. No short cuts to produce great looking work.

created by Matteo Del Nero

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Daily Dose – The Oscars Best Picture Titles

Some great visual candy for the Oscars. Although I’m not a fan of the show it self the creative teams definitely showcase some skill.

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Daily Dose. “Man of Action – Ashes of Vengeance”

From the creators of Follow the Sun! and History of America comes the long-awaited sequel to our 1999 debut film Terrible Cosmic Death.

Awesome title sequence.

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Daily Dose. 6 problems with Motion Design education

Favorite excerpt:

“2. Lack of diversity points to a larger problem.

Without a reliable industry census, it’s hard to know just how bad the diversity problem is — but it’s definitely not good. I’m left to rely on anecdotal evidence gathered from my direct experience with schools and recent graduates.

The gender gap seems to be slowly narrowing, with more female students finding their ways into motion programs. When it comes to “students of color” (not a fan of that phrase), progress has been painfully slow. If you look at the demographic data for schools (SVA, Ringling and SCAD), you’ll see encouraging distributions across the student bodies as a whole. But at the departmental level, motion design — like visual effects — suffers from a preponderance of white and Asian students, with very few other ethnicities represented. (Again, based on anecdotal evidence.)

As cultural institutions, schools not only have an obligation to promote diversity, they’re ideally positioned to do so. Schools (should) operate outside of the normative momentum of industry, which means they can (should) do whatever they can to reshape it for the greater good.

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