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Daily Dose. D&AD_lobo_MKOF


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Toy Photography

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Daily Dose. Beautiful Cityscape

Beautiful-Cityscape-Photography-0 Beautiful-Cityscape-Photography-7 Beautiful-Cityscape-Photography-8B Beautiful-Cityscape-Photography-19

Paul McGeiver is a photographer passionated by the beauty and the charm of New York. From the simple passerby walking on a bridge to the great view of illuminated buildings, he captures moments of a rare beauty, day and night. more in the gallery.

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Daily Dose. Incredible Nature and Travel

Incredible-Nature-and-Travel-Photography-7 Incredible-Nature-and-Travel-Photography-13 Incredible-Nature-and-Travel-Photography-23 Incredible-Nature-and-Travel-Photography-25 Incredible-Nature-and-Travel-Photography-26

With a skillful eye, the talented photographer Ian Plant captures the breathtaking beauty of nature. He reveals the secrets of faraway landscapes focusing on textures, lights and shapes. A travel around the world, to discover in the gallery.

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Daily Dose. “Gabriel in the DreamScape”

Tel Aviv-based Nomint director Eric Lerner introduces his latest 3D character living in the real world: a yellow skater dude with strange artistic powers and existentialist issues named Gabriel.

Eric Lerner: “This introduction showcases Gabriel’s world and some of my ideas of what is possible within it. If you are curious / excited about Gabriel and the potential of his world, you can help make future videos a reality by sharing this video; the more exposure it gets, the more it helps me convince the right people to invest in expanding Gab’s universe.”

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