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Daily Dose “Pictures in my head”

Production: Twenty Third C
Director: Nik Hill
3D artists: Electra, Lauren Galloway, Grace Barth

This is pretty slick. Nice use of 3D visuals and colors

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Vanilla Sweet Vanilla animation was presented for the first time during the Pictoplasma Berlin 2015 Conference “FORM FOLLOWS EMPATHY” at Babylon.  Vanilla is a sweet curious baby kat who gets into problems and is rescued (?) by her bird friend.

This very stylized and cool.

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Carnage symbiote – Sculpting breakdown

one of my first passions before I decided to shift gears.

3D modeling and sculpting..Respect the Process!

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Daily Dose. Making Of: Audi Mirrors

This is why I love VFX. These guys created a seem-less animation that looks so realistic, but it’s all 3D.


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