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Daily Dose “Godfather of Harlem Title Sequence”

“The Godfather of Harlem main title is an homage to the contemporaneous collages created by African-American artist, Romare Bearden (1911–1988), during 1960s Harlem. He is best known for his photomontage compositions made from torn images of popular magazines and assembled into visually powerful statements on African-American life. We felt his art was appropriate to the show because it shared themes and portrayals of social inequality and the African-American experience that the show similarly explores.”

Creator: Peter S. Pak

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Daily Dose “DDD + OFFF Italy 2016 Main Titles”

some of the best motion artists come to create this mind melting creativity.  These titles are 3 yrs old and still feel fresh. The sign of great motion design.

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fun ad campaign created by a crazy group

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