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Daily Dose. VFX of The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

One of my favorite series of films. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings classic films for the 21st century.

Now see how the ideas come to life with the helps of VFX artists and thousands of hours of render time.


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Daily Dose. “Gabriel in the DreamScape”

Tel Aviv-based Nomint director Eric Lerner introduces his latest 3D character living in the real world: a yellow skater dude with strange artistic powers and existentialist issues named Gabriel.

Eric Lerner: “This introduction showcases Gabriel’s world and some of my ideas of what is possible within it. If you are curious / excited about Gabriel and the potential of his world, you can help make future videos a reality by sharing this video; the more exposure it gets, the more it helps me convince the right people to invest in expanding Gab’s universe.”

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The Zeppelin

Art Deco is Back!

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Daily Dose. Stellar

WOW. This video has given me some inspiration…good visuals!


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Daily Dose. Game of Thrones

The power of vfx showcased. Nuke, Maya, Rhino, Lightwave, Realflow..along with some plate footage.


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Daily Dose. LLAPSE

This blew me away today. Probably the best piece of work I’ve seen in last 5 months.

Great Job Director Julien Vanhoenacker

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Daily Dose. Walking Contest

Cool concept. I think deep down I do the same exact thing while walking around my native New York City.

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