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Titanic by Jordi Pages

This is a beautiful piece by Jordi Pages.

Definitely formatted in 8k.

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Frequence 2012

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best type of design…functional!

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Daily Dose. Abstract Art

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One of my favorite art forms Abstraction.  Whenever I close my eyes forms like these build up in my mind. Circle, line, square..even planes that form great borders.

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Daily Dose. Dvein: The Vein/Magma

This is so beautiful. WOW really impressive.

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Surprise Egg

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This is the beautiful part of creating…the Process. If your a real Designer, Artist, Director or visual creative sketching must be apart of your¬†arsenal. The more you can create on paper, the better the end results!

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Daily Dose. Primal

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Primal. How do these artist think of stuff like this piece?

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portfolio 2

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photography by Ryan Schude

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Daily Dose Ligthelm

Picture 14 Picture 33 Picture 34

Director / DP Salomon Ligthelm some great shots from his short films, using Canon 7D and composited in after effects.

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