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Nude Space #1 Jose Ferreira

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these are beautiful nude portraits.

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40 weeks and a baby


great concept by artist and photographer Sophie Starzenski

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All that is Not Itself

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Fine art made finer.


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Straight old skool painting. Done with Acrylics!

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Body Art Inspired by Nature

Body-Art-Inspired-by-Nature-2 Body-Art-Inspired-by-Nature-3 Body-Art-Inspired-by-Nature-6 Body-Art-Inspired-by-Nature-11

Focus on the recent work of Johannes Stötter : a body painter with an incredible talent. In fact, it uses the human body as a canvas giving a camouflage effect very impressive. A selection of his works can be discovered on his portfolio and in the rest of the article.

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Illusionary Dalston House

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This is a great concept. Massive mirror!

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