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Entry #1

Its been 8 months since I’ve started this Motion Trgger Blog.  My original intent was to simply spot talented artists, designers, painters, photographers and general creatives. I admit pretty superficial in it’s preliminary stages and the appreciation of the initial run has been fantastic.

This blog was definitely a form of therapy and release for a impulsive over thinking individual, who sees the world in diluted palettes.  I see design in simple rudimentary forms like triangles, circles and squares. I place art in common threads like line, composition, color and materials. Things that are met to be examined for their beauty and aesthetic as novelties. Novelties are crafted to provoke ideas of nostalgia, a term I seldom think an artist or designer wants to enlist from their audience.

The term Motion Trgger: forward thinking inspired by simple expression. I find my expression through pain…not of the physical kind, but the kind a hungry artists feels when they can not see their art recognized by the world. I do not pretend to expose my self through this blog but i do thank those you are following and the future followers.

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40 weeks and a baby


great concept by artist and photographer Sophie Starzenski

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