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Daily Dose “Sit Down and Walk”

Director/animator: Fabio Valesini
Sound design: dsorderless
Drums: Fabio Valesini

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Mau Lencinas

Mau Lencinas is Illustrator from Argentina. http://199hates.tumblr.com/ his website

Very impressive portfolio displaying his unique style of drawing.

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Daily Dose. Real Life Disney Characters

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I found these illustrations online..very cool.

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Doodles Illustrations

Currently studying art, the Philippine Lei Melendres offers beautiful drawings he makes on these specific books. Here is an example, these “Doodles” with a restrained style and black ink very successful. The whole is to discover images on his portfolio and in the rest of the article.

Doodles-Art5 Doodles-Art6 tumblr_m5y4z1wCEq1qfmioxo1_1280

One of my favorite site Fubiz.net. Most of these pieces I’ve found on this site including Doodles Illustrations.


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