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Twenty6 Magazine GOOD / DEVIL


A friend of mine is the featured actress. Very cool.

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Pallotta Teamworks

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this is pretty incredible using shipping bins and turning them in office spaces.

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Daily Dose. SoftShelf

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soft shelf..ergonomic and made from pile wood

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Daily Dose. Logos


I like this for some reason. not quite sure yet why

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Cineware by GSG

I love Nick Campbell’s blog.

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Daily Dose. 2 brothers


inked studios. 2 brothers

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Random 2.

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some random images based on two different projects


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6c92d76f414eca29a346f1bfbdf6651b d60a34418fb320738246a36b0682ec13 fffea5a096d8c6c26979360f0887ce14 awake. by johnathan may

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Daily Dose. U R Not Alone

U R Not Alone.

This featured documentary was shot by a couple of talented female directors in NYC.

The film is currently seeking donations through  this site:  to finish off post production.


Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Joe’s trinket shop symbolizes a fusion of two worlds: where traditional American-Italian ideals meet a new wave of hipsters.

U R Not Alone depicts the evolution of an unlikely friendship between this controversial man and two young women and continues with their dilemma once he is arrested. As they delve deeper into investigating Joe’s crimes and past, they bring audiences on their moral roller coaster ride – questioning the intrinsic societal predicaments he stands for.

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Daily Dose. Tattoos

9eb782653a7807c0e782a66b448a75a8 ivysnow-1515-03-lg tumblr_mbej0pcqum1qa0ccgo1_1280 women with tats one of my favorite art form.

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