Daily Dose. Digital Photography

My Celebrity Friends

Can you guess which of these photos are fake or not?


0b7c9be76800391e9416c68d6a3a7bcb 4b19f61fade75d1133313f2d1df83a83 53ceae5225ad5843d5ccb0fd56be6d0a 551f539aa7c2f3891f1d20a171fcea39 Chris Aire Jewelry Party At Pure Nightclub 370984af1935145fe4b217759c5e81d8

If you couldn’t guess..you would have probably been wrong. They are all fake!

Blurb by artist:

Pose with the celebrity, idol or famous people is one of the ‘ancient custom’ in the behavior of photography.We often see pictures of relatives with their idol or celebrity. Everyone has been doing it. Currently, with various social networking facilities (facebook/twitter/instagram etc), this practice became more frequently encountered. Many people vying to show off their personal existence. With or without intentional, this behaviour has become a marker to get recognition from the social field around them. In this series, I make a couple of self portrait and combine it with celebrity. I tried to present togetherness, closeness and intimacy with the celebrity in the hyperbolic ways to respond this social behaviour that happening today.

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